Sandra Hurst Chico

Sandra began working with willow as a sculptural material after being involved in PATINA lewes, an annual event for hundreds of year 6 children in the lewes area, helping them create giant willow and tissue structures. Taken by the endless possibilities of the this wonderful and sustainable material Sandra has developed her work in small scale practical objects and vessels, peaceful garden rooms, large scale sculptural forms as well as organic fencing inspired by nature and rural surroundings.

Sandra’s work begins as doodles and illustrations on paper. Using the willow to create, as she says, ‘giant 3D sketches’. She designs and builds and has developed her weaving skills in both living and dry willow,

Originally trained as an illustrator and then as a teacher, she shares her knowledge and expertise in private tutorials, school workshops and community projects.

“Working and running workshops at the Beeches is a wonderfully inspiring experience. The ever-changing gardens and surroundings make it for me an ideal location and outdoor studio.”